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AIDA: A Formula for Writing

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action Diagram

You’re stuck.

You’re looking at the blank screen thinking, “I don’t have any idea what to write.  What am I going to say in this email or sales letter?”

The AIDA formula may help get you thinking and writing.

Attention:   Get the reader’s attention with a headline that pushes the reader’s emotional hot buttons. This might be a “How to . . . .” or creative headline.

Interest:  Get the reader’s interest.  Tell the reader interesting facts about your product.  Give them interesting uses for your service.  Give the reader interesting information about the industry. Tell him interesting results that came from using the product you’re selling.  Is there an interesting customer story that you can use?

Desire:  Make the reader desire the product or service that you’re selling. Show an example of what your product can do for your reader.

Action:  Ask for the sale.  Get the reader to act.  Make it obvious how to buy your product:  Press this button and fill out your information; Pick up your phone and call this number.

The AIDA formula is a well respected and widely used method of writing ad copy.  When your stuck with nowhere to go, it will help you to focus on the basics of ad copy.